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DSI 1: Two-stage incentive programme


For strategic market development the PEB topic needs to be linked with relevant strategies at national/regional level, e.g. as an add-on to NZEB action plans to be developed as a part of the national implementation of EPBD. Regional strategies need to cover both public and private target groups. For accelerating demand-side market development it will be important to speed up the realisation of a critical mass of PEB objects for different uses in different European environments and regions. These demo objects will further need to be systematically involved in DSI action plans (see DSI 4).

Type of DSI policy Funding
Level of intervention EU / national / regional policies 
Target Group/s addressed national / regional authorities of Member States
Objectives / demand-side relevance * Gaining commitment of national / regional authorities to develop/implement PEB strategies at regional level
* Development of national / regional frameworks for the implementation of regional PEB strategies
* Speeding up the realisation of a critical mass of PEB demo objects across all parts of EU
* Capacity building of national / regional authorities with regard to the implementation of DSI instruments
   addressing public and private target groups
for the development and implementation of national / regional PEB strategies
Activities / Suggested instrument implementation EU calls addressing national/regional authorities for a 2-stage incentive programme for development/implementation of PEB strategies.
stage 1: Lump sum funding for national / regional development of strategies and implementation plans
 - assessment of regional PEB potential
 - DSI action plan targeting public market actors (regional implementation of PCP/PPI, etc.)
 - DSI action plan targeting private market actors (voucher schemes for PEB project developers (see DSI2),  awareness raising activities (see DSI3), ...)
Only nat./reg. authorities that have developed PEB strategies at stage 1 (e.g. as add-ons to NZEB implementation strategies) will be admitted to stage 2.
stage 2: upon approval of PEB strategies and follow-up application of stage-1 participants:
- EU funding bonus on-top of national / regional funding / financing covering max. XXX demo objects for different uses per applicant region
given the following conditions (input for DSI XXX virtual guidance tour):
        - implementation of an energy monitoring systems on PEBs funded and commitment
           to report monitoring data to EU Programme for at least 3 years
        - Development/implementation of DSI activity plan to be implemented on PEBs funded for at least 3 years
Intended Outputs 2 calls for Incentive Programme organised (2018, 2019).
National / regional authorities from all Member States participating in 1st stage of Incentive Programme by 2020.
2nd stage of Incentive Programme implemented in 50 % of the EU Member states by 2020.
At least 40 regional PEB demo objects for different uses funded (realised/under construction) across all European regions.
DSI action programmes for different demand-side target groups are in place and will be implemented on these PEB demo objects.
Intended Outcomes PEB concepts are included in Energy Efficient Building strategies in all Member states.
Strategic action plans are set up in all European regions for the implementation of demand-side innovation policies on existing and future PEB demo objects.
Enhanced funds consisting of national/regional funding plus an EU funding bonus are available for regional PEB projects in MS/model regions across Europe in order to speed up the realisation of a critical mass of PEB model objects for different climatic environments and different uses.
Monitoring indicators suggested Number of MS authorities participating in  the different stages of the Incentive Programme
Number and type of national / regional PEB programmes developed and implemented by 2020
Number and usage category of PEB model objects realised in MS with EU funding bonus
Number and type of DSI activities implemented on the funded PEB model objects
Number of nat. / reg. authorities participating in related networking activities at EU level
SMART goals /
(Milestones in bold script)
by 6/2015: Stakeholder feedback to concept of Incentive Programme from at least 15 MS and 5 relevant European stakeholder organisations - Concept of incentive programme prepared for implementation at European level

by end of 2017: incentive Programme implemented - 1st call opened
2018: national / regional authorities from 16 MS from 1st call participating in 1st stage of Incentive Programme.
by end of 2018: 2nd call opened
2019: national / regional authorities from 12 MS from 2nd call participating in 1st stage of Incentive Programme
2019: national / regional authorities from 12 MS in 2nd and 3rd stage of Incentive Programme
2020: PEB strategies developed in all MS
2020: at least 40 regional PEB model objects funded across all Europe that will be involved in regional DSI action programmes
2020: Evaluation of Incentive Programme with a view to a potential extension of EPBD for PEB.
Build the Future
9/2014-4/2015 Concept discussion in regional focus groups
9/2014-6/2015 Concept discussion in online stakeholder forum
by 5/2015           Briefing with European institutions / related organisations at EU level
by 6/2015           Recommendation to EU policy level included in final project report


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