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DSI 3: Prefeb PEB lab


(Potential) builders of family homes face several kinds of barriers during planning and implementing their individual building projects,mostly family homes: Financial ressources are often weak, technical capabilities are limited resulting in do-it-yourself approaches with reduced access to external technical expertise and long duration of construction work. For these reasons purchasing a prefabricated house represents an attractive alternative, especially for young families. Today permanent exhibitions of prefabricated houses sometimes offer additional service for potential buyers, like an overnight stay for testing the convenience of the building. A programme focussing on the development of prefabricated PEBs adopted to regional demand-side requirements and environmental conditions could prove the feasibility of PEB concepts in this sector and substantially speed up the dissemination of PEB concepts in the target groups of private customers and own-home builders. Additionally, the permanent installation of prize-winning house models from international competitions on energy-efficient construction (like solar decathlon) in local model house exhibitions could raise the awareness of large consumer groups and serve as a basis for awareness raising activities.

Type of DSI policy funding / demand-driven research / awareness raising / testing
Level of intervention national / regional programme
Target Group/s addressed suppliers of prefabricated houses, related technology and component suppliers / R&D institutions
organisations managing prefab. house exhibitions, (potential) own-home builders / consumers
local energy / innovation agencies and cluster initiatives
Objectives / demand-side relevance * Increasing the number of own-home builders / consumers that are implementing PEB concepts
* Matching of demand-side requirements and technical expertise in prefabricated PEB model houses
* Raising awareness of own-home builders / consumers for PEB solutions and PEB-related technologies
* Contribution to the set-up of energy efficiency monitoring of local energy efficient buildings
* Presentation of a growing number of PEB demo objects in local exhibitions and in DSI 4 (Virtual Guidance Tour)
Inputs Special topic in national / regional R&D funding programme for the development of prefabricated PEB model houses based on demand-side requirements addressing suppiers of prefabricated houses, suppliers of construction components/material and the relevant R&D institutions.
Arrangements with organisations managing exhibitions of prefab. houses to involve them in PEB awareness raising and testing activities.
Management of local awareness raising activities focussing on PEB model houses supported by local energy agencies, innovation agencies, cluster organisations, etc.
Activities / Suggested instrument implementation Definition of a special topic on the development of locally adapted, prefabricated PEB model houses in the relevant national/regional funding programmes addressing suppliers of prefabricated houses and construction industry in cooperation with related R&D institutions. The technical PEB concepts funded should be adopted for serial prefabrication and include energy efficiency monitoring. Funding should be conditional to the involvement of demand-side target groups and the elaboration of communication plans for the funded PEB objects.
Target group involvement could be increased by organising a competition in which a number of (3?) model houses will be elected by the interested public + an expert jury for permanent installation on an exhibition area.
A permanent exhibition area for selected PEB model houses funded has to be provided with management of continued awareness raising and testing activities involving both local customer target groups and experts from R&D and industry in cooperation with local energy and innovation agencies and cluster initiatives. With regard to energy monitoring an on-site display of energy monitoring data directly on the exhibited buildings and the delivery of monitoring data to the funding agency will be foreseen.
The prefabricated PEB model houses will serve as a showcase on national/local online platforms and in DSI4 (virtual guidance tour). 
Intended Outputs * National / regional calls for the development of PEB prefabrication concepts in existing funding programmes starting in at least 8 European regions from 2017.
* Implementation of the "Prefab PEB Lab" concept in exhibition areas in at least 5 regions across Europe with at least 12 prefabricated model houses adopted to different geographical conditions and various demand of private user target groups .
* Individual testing possibilities and awareness activities / innovations labs involving consumers, construction industry and related R&D experts organised in all participating regions starting with the finalisation of the first prefab houses (2018/2019).
* Exhibitions of PEB model houses in place and completed by 2020.
* Presentation of the PEB model houses in regional websites as well as on the European online platform (DSI4) with information on awareness raising and testing activities available.
Intended Outcomes * Locally adopted PEB model houses (family homes) for serial prefabrication available in different European regions.
* Involvement of consumers / potential own-home builders in the development, selection and testing of these PEB model houses.
* Open access to the PEB model houses in exhibition areas enables intensification of dialogue between demand-side target groups and developers/suppliers of prefab. PEB solutions.
* Increased awareness of PEB potential in wide consumer target groups due to the implementation of local awareness raising, testing and open lab activities in cooperation with regional intermediary organisations and cluster initiatives.
* Contribution of showcases to European presentation of PEB demo objects (DSI4 - Virtual guidance tour). 
Monitoring indicators suggested * Number of European regions implementing "Prefab PEB Lab" programmes and number of relevant calls.
* Number of potential users involved in development of prefab solutions.
* Number of prefabricated PEB model houses developed and available for serial production.
* Number of prefabriacted PEB model houses accessible to the public in exhibition areas.
* Number and type of testing programmes / open lab activities offered in exhibited PEB model houses.
* Number of consumers / potential own-home builders involved in DSI activities
* Quantity of energy monitoring data delivered by the PEB projects funded and energy savings realised
SMART goals /
(Milestones in bold script)
By 6/2015:
* Feedback on concept of "PreFab PEB Lab" concept from at least 15 national / regional authorities from different EU Member States.
* Commitment to include a "PreFab PEB Lab" topic in existing national / regional programmes at least 3 European regions. Interest to develop this concept in a European project partnership (e.g. EU R&D programmes (H2020, IEE, etc. and/or Interreg programmes) from at least 5 European regions.
By 2020:
* Pilot implementation of "PreFab PEB Lab" in at least 5 European regions with at least 12 prefab PEB model houses developed and testing possibilities and open labs available for the public.
* Presentation of the PEB model houses in regional websites as well as on the European online platform (DSI4) with information on awareness raising and testing activities available.
Build the Future
9/2014-4/2015  Concept discussion in regional focus groups
9/2015-2/2015 Concept discussion with award winners of energy efficient building competitions
2/2015-5/2015  Detailed discussions with 3 regions about relevant PEB topic in existing programmes
9/2014-6/2015  Concept discussion in online stakeholder forum
by 6/2015           Recommendations for transfer to all European regions included in final project report


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