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What BUILD THE FUTURE stands for?

BUILD THE FUTURE will develop demand-side policy approaches aiming to accelerate the up-take of innovative technologies in the field of energy efficient construction up to "Plus Energy Building" (PEB) solutions by systematic, enhanced involvement of demand-side market actors and target groups in interaction with supply-side experts in the field of PEB design and construction.

A seven-year perspective has been defined for BUILD THE FUTURE meaning that the project results will be available for roll-out all over Europe by 2020, thus preparing the next strategic step in sustainable construction on the European pathway towards energy efficiency and climate change mitigation through sustainable construction.

In this context the thematic focus of BUILD THE FUTURE on the Plus Energy Building sector stands for the most visionary research and development strands in building construction and the urgent need to transfer the innovations developed in this field to broad user markets. According to preliminary analysis of available demand-side policies project work will be focussed on further development and elaboration of the following policy instruments and tools:

  • Enrichment of innovative public procurement processes for PEB objects incorporating enhanced demand-side participation and interaction routines in the decision-making processes (e.g. crowdsourcing approaches)
  • Development of funding schemes for public institutions fostering innovative procurement processes and PEB introduction in public buildings
  • Set-up of virtual innovation labs offering PEB simulation tools and interaction with related PEB experts for awareness raising, involvement and training of demand-side actors, such as private builders and construction professionals (at the same time feeding back demand-related information to PEB research)
  • Definition of cascaded support and incentive mechanisms to foster target-group demand for PEB-related technologies (e.g. PEB-related innovation voucher schemes)


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